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night cabman


drizzle to knock at night

for you lost time I tell
have collapsed at public road
in difficult darkness I read the expectation

Night cabman
leave immediately fetch – squiring
even footpath a lot of obstacle
straightening to conduct the compass all hilly span

around even turning, also don’t
race and continuous with the thunder and girder
your homesick await in the top

reader …
whom all of you rush about to race
snatch my speed

it is not strange
do not be kept quiet
takkan I discontinue
I pursue the thou with all mind
drizzle to knock at night.


20 Januari 2010 - Posted by | Puisi |

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  1. pak riyadi bener2 makin canggih. wah, puisi yang pakai bahasa indonesia saja belum tentu saya bisa menangkap maksudnya. lha, ini, pakai bahasa landa, hehe … tapi salut deh buat pak riyadi. salam kreatif.

    Komentar oleh sawali tuhusetya | 21 Januari 2010

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