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Riyadi, Classroom Action Research in form of educational research of language lesson and Indonesian Art at Junior High School Student. Specification of this research problem was listening study model with used local area networking (LAN). This matter was done because writer see the existence of language skill aspect which do not expand among all student specially in State Junior High School 15 Purworejo. Population of this research was the VIII class student of State Junior High School 15 Purworejo at 1 semester academic year 2005-2006, a number of 200 students owning same characteristic, that is less skillful in listening and permeating immeasurable information of oral discourse. The research sample was number of 39 students of VIII-C class of State Junior High School 15 Purworejo. The data was taken with the enquette, interview, test, observation and analyze electronic portofolio. This research action was apply listening to hear – embrace study model (MDR) with used local area networking (LAN) in class laboratory. This action was executed in three-cycle study with each procedure every cycle consisted of planning, action execution, observation and reflection. At third cycle, the result of student’s skill of VIII-C class is 65.6 and there is only 7 student getting value under 60.0. The conclusion of the writer is that listening study more precise uses the MDR model than traditional model.
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